Automatically generated TypeScript definitions files for the Electron API

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  import electronTypescriptDefinitions from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@electron/typescript-definitions';


Electron TypeScript Definitions Build Status

This module uses Electron's JSON API documentation to produce a TypeScript definition file for the Electron API.


npm install @electron/typescript-definitions --save

CLI Usage

To generate the definitions

electron-typescript-definitions --api=path/to/electron/api.json --out-dir=path/to/out/dir

Any warnings during the generation can normally be ignored unless it actually throws an error

Programmatic Usage

The module exports a function that parses a given API JSON object and returns an array of lines to create the definition file

const { generateDefinitions } = require('electron-typescript-definitions')
const apiPath = './vendor/electron/docs/api.json'

const definitionLines = generateDefinitions({ electronApi: require(apiPath) })
// definitionLines will be an strin representation of the definition file