Utilities to detect if a given edition is in use in an ember-cli application.

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  import emberEditionUtils from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@ember/edition-utils';



This package is the officially supported mechanism for declaring and detecting the specific edition that a given application is using.


Declaring Edition

In order to declare which edition of Ember your application (or addon) is compatible with you would call setEdition from within your .ember-cli.js file. This might look something like:

const { setEdition } = require('@ember/edition-utils');


module.exports = {
  // other configuration here

Detecting Edition

In order to detect if the currently running application is using at least a specific edition, you would call has. This will most commonly be used from within various addon's to determine which blueprint code to run. For example:

const { has } = require('@ember/edition-utils');

if (has('octane')) {
  // do octane stuff
} else {
  // do classic mode stuff


This project is licensed under the MIT License.