General purpose React components for epilot UI elements.

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  import epilotBaseElements from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@epilot/base-elements';



General purpose React components for epilot UI elements.

Based on Material UI


See Epilot Elements Library Storybook


This package is shared across multiple epilot frontend projects. Please keep the components simple and general purpose.

Discussion on changes happens on #ui-standards-team.

PRs welcome! Please follow our code review guideline.

Project base

Project is Setup with:

Developer instructions


  • node.js (12/14 recommended)
  • yarn


git clone git@gitlab.com:e-pilot/frontend/base/elements.git
cd elements
yarn test


yarn run storybook
yarn run build-storybook

Build / Watch

yarn run start # watch changes and rebuild
yarn run build

Other Useful Scripts

yarn run

New Release

Create a Tag on master with

yarn release

Branch URL Access

Every push to feature branches generate a endpoint to access the storybook in our development environment like this:

  • https://base-elements--<branch_name>.dev.epilot.io
    • If your <branch_name> have /, just switch for -
    • Example: feat/somefeature --> https://base-elements--feat-somefeature.dev.epilot.io