a template for react es6 components. Contains webpack configuration and document generator.

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import episodeyangReactProsemirror from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@episodeyang/react-prosemirror';


React-ProseMirror demo


npm install @episodeyang/react-prosemirror

How is this README written:

This readme is written with react and markdown. It includes:

  1. a live react-prosemirror component demo
  2. a table of the component's props that is generated automatically
  3. source of the example component

Example Component: ProseMirror

This component provides both the selection and the serialized document json object onChange.

Why is this important?

With an input element like this rich text editor, the cursor position ("selection") is part of the component state. Typically when we think of updating the value of such a component we only think of updating the content. However if we do that, the cursor position will be lost each time such update happens, and the user will notice that the cursor jumps to the beginning of the input box on every keystroke.

With redux's synchronous loop, it is necessary for the component to handle document value change and selection changes together.

This react component does that.

Live Demo

please see this live demo here: http://www.episodeyang.com/react-prosemirror


  1. first run npm install

  2. now install prosemirror. Because it is a peer dependency, you need to install it separately.

    npm install prosemirror
  3. Now make your changes, then git commit. Use serve-docs to view live updated at http://localhost:5000

  4. run build-docs, build-static-docs, gh-pages

  5. Then remember to push to master.