Various utility and helper types for Next.js projects

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This package contains various utility and helper types that can be imported by a Next.js project.

This package only contains TypeScript types. This package also exports all the types from @ergodark/types, so there is no need to install both packages.


npm install @ergodark/next-types


You can use this library's types in your TypeScript projects like so:

import type { TypeNameHere } from '@ergodark/next-types'

const variable: TypeNameHere;
import type * as ErgoDark from '@ergodark/next-types'

const variable: ErgoDark.TypeNameHere;

Type Glossary

Along with the types exposed by @ergodark/types, this library provides the following types:


Represents an object with well-defined NextApiRequest and NextApiResponse properties where generic type T is passed to NextApiResponse<T>.

Specifying T is optional. By default, T = Record<string, unknown>.

import type { NextParamsRR } from '@ergodark/next-types'

export async function addToRequestLog({ req, res }: NextParamsRR) {


Adds a config property to type T. Useful for dealing with Next endpoints that require custom configuration when writing unit tests.

import * as Endpoint from 'pages/api-endpoint'

import type { WithConfig } from '@ergodark/next-types'

const endpoint: WithConfig<typeof Endpoint.default> = Endpoint.default;
endpoint.config = Endpoint.config;


Issues and pull requests are welcome! In lieu of a formal styleguide, take care to maintain the existing coding style.

Please test your code!

Release History

  • 1.0.x Initial release