Enhance Sentry reports with link to FullStory session

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<script type="module">
  import ertrzyiksSentryFullstoryIntegration from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@ertrzyiks/sentry-fullstory-integration';



It's a pluggable integration for Sentry SDK.

Extend a Sentry event report with a link to the corresponding FullStory session, pointing to the exact moment the event happened. The recording captures how that error impacted the user and let's rewind into the past to see what actions took user to trigger the error.

It assumes that the FullStory SDK is initialized by the app. It does not inject the integration snippet.

How to install

yarn add @ertrzyiks/sentry-fullstory-integration


import Sentry from '@sentry/browser'
import { FullStorySessionIntegration } from '@ertrzyiks/sentry-fullstory-integration'

  dsn: ...,
  integrations: [
    new FullStorySessionIntegration()


Problem: part of the sessionUrl link is replaced by [Filtered] in the Sentry dashboard

Solution: Sentry tries to find sensitive information submitted via error reports, so it replaces it with the [Filtered] string. The solution is described here (in brief the Sentry project needs to be customized to allow sessionUrl as Safe Field in Security & Privacy project settings section).