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  import esPackCopyPlugin from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@es-pack/copy-plugin';


A plugin for espack to copy files

espack: A build tool running on esbuild




pnpm add -D esbuild @es-pack/espack @es-pack/copy-plugin


yarn add -D esbuild @es-pack/espack @es-pack/copy-plugin


npm install -D esbuild @es-pack/espack @es-pack/copy-plugin

How to use it?

This plugin can be used under the plugins section of espack builds, like the following:

export default {
    builds: [
            plugins: [
                    basedir: './webassets',
                    assets: [
                    basedir: './public',
                    assets: [
            scripts: [

The plugin can be reused any number of times.


  • basedir: The root dir to copy assets from. Defaults to the current working directory of espack.
  • assets: Array of assets (string paths) to copy, relative to the basedir. This entry is required.
  • outdir: Directory to output the copied assets into relative to espack's baseDir and the outdir of the current build. Defaults to "assets". So when the current basedir is "dist", and the outdir is "public" the plugin will default to "dist/public/assets".

Watch mode

  • Watch mode is implemented for the modification of asset content.
  • When renaming any of the assets this plugin will force stop espack, notifying you to update the assets in the plugin options, to avoid future errors related to stale configuration state.