EJSON - Extended and Extensible JSON library from Meteor made compatible for Nodejs and Browserify

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ejson is an extension of JSON to support more types. It supports all JSON-safe types as well as

  • Date: It maintains a date instance instead of transforming it to a string.
  • Binary: Uint8Array
  • User defined types

The ejson module is port of Meteor's EJSON parser which has been made compatible for Node.js and browsers. This way, other real-time libraries can also make use of these extensions.


The module is released through npm:

npm install --save ejson


The API is exactly the same as the API that Meteor provides as it uses exactly the same code. The most important API's are:

  • EJSON.clone
  • EJSON.parse
  • EJSON.stringify

And some utility methods:

  • EJSON.toJSONValue
  • EJSON.fromJSONValue
  • EJSON.isBinary
  • EJSON.newBinary
  • EJSON.equals

See the meteor EJSON documentation for more detailed information.


This module is licensed under MIT. Same as Meteor.js is.