A plugin for playwright & puppeteer to solve reCAPTCHAs and hCaptchas automatically.

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import extraRecaptcha from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@extra/recaptcha';



This is the monorepo for puppeteer-extra, a modular plugin framework for puppeteer. :-)

🌟 For the main documentation, please head over to the puppeteer-extra package.

In case you're interested in the available plugins, check out the packages folder.




PRs and new plugins are welcome! The plugin API for puppeteer-extra is clean and fun to use. Have a look the PuppeteerExtraPlugin base class documentation to get going and check out the existing plugins (minimal example is the anonymize-ua plugin) for reference.

We use a monorepo powered by Lerna (and yarn workspaces), ava for testing, the standard style for linting and JSDoc heavily to auto-generate markdown documentation based on code. :-)



This monorepo is powered by Lerna and yarn workspaces.

Initial setup

# Install deps

# Bootstrap the packages in the current Lerna repo.
# Installs all of their dependencies and links any cross-dependencies.
yarn bootstrap

# Build all TypeScript sources
yarn build

Development flow

# Install debug in all packages
yarn lerna add debug

# Install fs-extra to puppeteer-extra-plugin-user-data-dir
yarn lerna add fs-extra --scope=puppeteer-extra-plugin-user-data-dir

# Remove dependency
# https://github.com/lerna/lerna/issues/833
yarn lerna exec --concurrency 1 'yarn remove fs-extra; echo 0'

# Run test in all packages
yarn test

# Update JSDoc based documentation in markdown files
yarn docs

# Upgrade project wide deps like puppeteer
# (We keep the devDependency version blurry)
rm -rf node_modules
rm -rf yarn.lock
yarn lerna bootstrap

# Update deps within packages (interactive)
yarn lernaupdate

# If in doubt :-(
yarn lerna exec "rm -f yarn.lock; rm -rf node_modules; echo 0"
rm -f yarn.lock &&  rm -rf node_modules && yarn cache clean


# make sure you're signed into npm before publishing
# yarn publishing is broken so lerna uses npm
npm whoami

# ensure everything is up2date and peachy
yarn bootstrap
yarn lerna link
yarn build
yarn test

# Phew, let's publish these packages!
# - Will publish all changed packages
# - Will ask for new pkg version per package
# - Will updated inter-package dependency versions automatically
yarn lerna publish

# Fix new dependency version symlinks
yarn bootstrap && yarn lerna link