Gulp plugin for linting with fasttime presets.

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  import fasttimeGulpLint from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@fasttime/gulp-lint';


@fasttime/gulp-lint ยท npm version

Gulp plugin for linting with fasttime presets.

Lints JavaScript, TypeScript and Gherkin files.


exports.lint =
() =>
    const lint = require('@fasttime/gulp-lint');

    const stream = lint({ src, envs, fix, globals, parserOptions, plugins, rules });
    return stream;

You can also specify more than one configuration.

const stream = lint([{ src: src1, ...config1 }, { src: src2, ...config2 }]);

The setting src is used to specify the files to be linted; all the other settings are only relevant to JavaScript and TypeScript files, and are ignored for Gherkin files.

It is fine to specify different kinds of source files in the same src glob pattern(s), as long as other configuration settings don't interfere.