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A lightweight, easy-to-use and framework agnostic syntax highlighter for your code examples(snippets) in web applications

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Why yet another code highlighter?

There are many syntax highlighters avaliable already but most of those are either complex to setup or front end framework specific. @favware/syntax-highlighter-react is built using StencilJS. You can use it everywhere, i.e. Angular, React, Vue, any framework, No Framework!

This is an adoptation of snippet-highlight from rahulbhooteshwar


  • Uses PrismJS for syntax highlighting
  • Light and Dark mode supported
  • Copy code support
  • Supports many languages, see Supported Languages
  • Will default to using Fira Code as font family
    • The library first falls back to popular fonts such as Cascadia Code and Meslo NGF if it isn't available. If these are also not available it will go through various more popular coding fonts, ending in monospace


yarn add @favware/syntax-highlighter-react @favware/syntax-highlighter-react
# or npm install @favware/syntax-highlighter-react @favware/syntax-highlighter-react


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The syntax is kept fairly simple. Here's a basic example of some simple JavaScript code:

import { SyntaxHighlighter } from '@favware/syntax-highlighter-react';

<SyntaxHighlighter theme="dark" language="javascript" content="import { SyntaxHighlighter } from @favware/syntax-highlighter-react" />;

Supported Languages

To limit the size of this library a selection has been made from all langauges supported by PrismJS. The chosen languages are those that we consider the most popular / common. If you want to see another languages supported you're always free to open an issue

javascript, typescript, asciidoc, autohotkey, autoit, bash, batch,
c, clike, clojure, coffeescript, cpp, csharp, csp, css, dart,
diff, docker, elixir, gherkin, git, go, graphql, groovy, http,
ini, java, json, jsx, kotlin, less, lua, makefile, markdown,
nginx, objectivec, powershell, python, ruby, rust, sass, scala,
scss, sql, swift, tsx, vim, visual-basic, wasm, wiki, yaml


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