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Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import figspecComponents from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@figspec/components';



CustomElements renders given Figma API's result into a rich preview.


$ yarn add @figspec/components

# or

$ npm i @figspec/components


Import the entry script (import '@figspec/components') and it'll register our custom elements. Then you can now use these on your page.

// your script.js
import "@figspec/components";

// ...
  <figspec-frame-viewer nodes="..." rendered-image="..."></figspec-frame-viewer>

To display an entire Figma File, use <figspec-file-viewer> instead.


To see examples and API docs, please check out Storybook.

NOTE: We don't provide bundled scripts yet. If you want to put the script in head tag, please build the files at your own.

TypeScript support

This package ships with TypeScript definition file.

One of our "typing dependencies" is missing from package.json#dependencies, because it's not our "runtime dependency". So, you need to install that package in order to get full types (otherwise some properties turns into any).

# By installing this package, FileNode related properties will get correct types.
yarn add -D figma-js

Browser supports

Browsers supporting WebComponents v1 spec and ES2015 or later. The bundled codes are emitted under esm/es2015 and cjs/es2016.