Live React example editing using monaco

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  import fluentuiReactMonacoEditor from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@fluentui/react-monaco-editor';



Monaco-based TypeScript+React live code editor with full typing support. It was primarily written for component examples on the Fluent UI React website (formerly Office UI Fabric React), but it can be configured to work with other libraries too.

WARNING: The editor component's API is still highly unstable, so it should not be used outside the Fluent UI React repo yet.


Live updating as user types

As the user edits TypeScript+React example code, it will be transpiled and rendered onto the page.

Typings support

By default, the editor will load types for React and Fluent UI React. It can also be configured to load types for any package.

Delay loading

Monaco's code is very large and should be loaded after main page content is ready. When consumed with Webpack, this package takes care of delay loading Monaco.

Read-only rendering in unsupported browsers

If the user's browser can't support the editor (mainly IE 11 and some mobile browsers), the code will be rendered read-only.


Follow the Webpack and runtime configuration instructions from the @fluentui/monaco-editor readme. Note that the helpers used are re-exported from this package for convenience:

  • addMonacoWebpackConfig: import from @fluentui/react-monaco-editor/scripts/addMonacoWebpackConfig
  • configureEnvironment and IMonacoConfig: import from @fluentui/react-monaco-editor

Then choose one of the API options below for rendering the editor.

API options

This package offers multiple options for rendering a Monaco editor and/or a TypeScript+React example.

Note that these are still subject to change until a major release.

EditorWrapper: Full editor + example rendering

EditorWrapper renders a Monaco editor, a container where the example is rendered, and a message bar with errors (when applicable). As the user types, EditorWrapper transpiles the updated example component code, evals it, and re-renders the example component.

If the user's browser can't support the editor, the code will be rendered read-only.

TODO: add usage example

TsxEditor: Editor + transpile/eval example

TsxEditor is like EditorWrapper, but without the example container, error bar, or read-only fallback. Instead of rendering the example itself, it takes in an onTransformFinished callback to pass the example component up to the parent for rendering.

Notes for this option:

  • You should delay load the TsxEditor component to prevent Monaco from being pulled into your main bundle.
    • TsxEditor isn't included in @fluentui/react-monaco-editor/lib/index due to importing Monaco. It should be imported from @fluentui/react-monaco-editor/lib/TsxEditor instead.
  • When rendering the example component, be sure to wrap it in an error boundary; otherwise runtime errors in the example will crash the page. (One option is using EditorErrorBoundary, which also handles displaying transform errors.)

TODO: add usage example

Editor: Editor only

Editor renders only Monaco. It works with any language and doesn't do any extra TypeScript setup.

Note that if you choose this option, you should delay load the Editor component to prevent Monaco from being pulled into your main bundle. (Editor isn't included in @fluentui/react-monaco-editor/lib/index due to importing Monaco. It should be imported from @fluentui/react-monaco-editor/lib/Editor instead.)

TODO: add usage example

Advanced usage

TODO: add example of customizing typings and globals, and info about example code requirements