Utilities for providing and consuming the window/document objects even across portal/iframe/child-window boundaries.

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  import fluentuiReactWindowProvider from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@fluentui/react-window-provider';



A set of utilities for providing and consuming the window and document references in a contextual scope.

Why is this needed?

When rendering on the main browser window, many components need access to window or document for applying styling, listening for events, or measuring things. However it is possible to render to child windows and elements hosted in iframe elements.

In these cases, the target element is hosted in a different context, and thus have a different window reference. To aid in providing components with the correct instances of window or document, React context can be used to provide the tree of React components with the correct instance.


To consume the window or document object, call useWindow or useDocument respectively:

const Foo = () => {
  const win = useWindow();
  const doc = useDocument();

  return </>

To provide a new window other than the default, wrap your app in the WindowProvider to override the defaults contextually:

  <WindowProvider window={childWindow}>