Storage provider for Cerebral

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  import fmalCerebralStorage from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@fmal/cerebral-storage';



Build Status Coverage maintained with repo cooker styled with prettier Conventional Commits

📦 A monorepo for my NPM libraries. Managed with repo-cooker library. Using Jest, eslint, prettier and TypeScript through babel 7. Semantically versioned and automatically released, following conventional-commits!

🛠 Tasks

  • npm run commit guide you through creating commits with correct commit messages
  • npm run checkdeps check if all dependencies are correctly installed and in sync
  • npm run fixdeps add missing dependencies to the monorepo when you add or upgrade dependencies for your packages
  • npm test run the tests for all packages
  • npm run test:coverage run tests across packages and output coverage
  • npm run lint check for linting errors
  • npm run typecheck check if the types of your packages are correct
  • npm run build compile source for all packages
  • npm run release build & publish using repo-cooker --release
  • npm run link an alias for repo-cooker --link which symlinks dependencies. This is automatically run through the postinstall hook when you do npm install

To compile source or run tests for an individual package, npm run build or npm run test from the package root.

Release process

When you push commits to the next branch repo-cooker will create a beta release which you can install with npm install yourpackage@next.

When pushing to the master branch repo-cooker creates a stable release with release notes retrieved from the commit messages.

Commits with the fix type trigger a patch version release, commits with feat type a minor version release and commits with breaking changes a major version release. Commits containing other types will not trigger any release.