d3 helper classes

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  import geoblocksD3Helper from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@geoblocks/d3-helper';



Helper functions to create charts based on d3.

This library provides some classes and functions for common operations with the d3 library. It let you manage charts as you want.

Use the code in a project.

Simply use it through npm @geoblocks/d3-helper. See the examples for more informations on how to set the basics of your charts.



Class that provides functions to draw, clean and manage a SVG with a chart inside.


Extends BaseD3ChartSVG. Class that provides functions to manage cartesian charts (for bars, scatterplots, lines...) Mainly manage the axes of cartesian charts. Supported axes data types are: Date, number and text.

Supported browsers

The code was only tested on moderns browsers. The source is only transpiled to modern es. If your browser doesn't support the code, PR are welcome (updating your browser too).

Run the examples

git clone git@github.com:geoblocks/d3-helper.git
npm install
npm run build
npm run start

Examples are now accessible at http://localhost:8080/

Build the doc

npm run doc

Api doc is now accessible in folder apidoc

Publish a new version to npm

npm version [<newversion> | major | minor | patch
npm run build && npm publish && git push --tags origin master

Upcoming (probably):

  • Tooltips helpers for data.