Stupid simple Couch wrapper based on Request

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Stupid simple Couch wrapper based on Request

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npm install couch


var couch = require('couch')
  , c = couch('http://me.iriscouch.com/db')

c.post({'msg':'new document'}, function (e, info) {
  if (e) throw e
  c.post({'msg':'new document', _id:info.id, _rev:info.rev}, function (e, info) {
    if (e) throw e
    c.get(info.id, function (e, doc) {
      if (e) throw e
      console.log(doc) // {'msg':'new document', _id:<id>, _rev:<rev>}


  • new Couch(options) - return value from require('couch')(url)
  • Couch.get(id, cb) - get a document of the specified id
  • Couch.post(doc, cb) - write a document. MUST have _id and _rev if already exists
  • Couch.update(id, mutate, cb) - updated an existing document atomically (regardless of revision)
c.update('myid', function (doc) {doc.status = 'complete'}, function (e, info) {
 if (e) throw e
 console.log(info) // {seq:<seq>, id:<id>, rev:<rev>}


  • Couch.all(opts, cb) - Hits the /db/_all_docs API which accepts similar arguments and has a simpilar return value to views but is an index of all documents in CouchDB.
c.all({keys:['onlykey1', 'onlykey2']}, function (e, results) {
  if (e) throw e
  console.log(results.rows) // [{id:onlykey1, rev:<rev>}, {id:onlykey2, rev:<rev>}]
  • Couch.design(name).view(name).query(opts)
c.design('app').view('byProperty').query({key:'type', include_docs:true}, function (e, results) {


Tests are in tape.

  • npm test will run the tests
  • npm run tdd will run the tests on every file change.


To publish, run npm run release -- [{patch,minor,major}]

NOTE: you might need to sudo ln -s /usr/local/bin/node /usr/bin/node to ensure node is in your path for the git hooks to work


  • npm > 2.0.0 So that passing args to a npm script will work. npm i -g npm
  • git > 1.8.3 So that git push --follow-tags will work. brew install git


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