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This project aims to help developers deploying state-of-the-art Event-Source data models in a unified and standardized way. The Datastore is composed of several parts:

  1. A RESTful API
  2. A SDK to consume this API
  3. A Backoffice to manage data


The RESTful API is fully compliant Open API 3.0. It is exposing standardized routes for models managed by the Datastore such as create, update, etc.

Administrators can access routes dedicated to the Datastore administration on /api/admin once the environment variable flag FEATURE_API_ADMIN=true.


The SDK is a simple HTTP client helping developers to consume the Datastore APIs from the code. The SDK is for now only available at a low level and in Javascript.

Because the API is Open API 3.0 compliant, any code generator can be used to get a client in your prefered language:


Full Documentation

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  • GraphQL API
  • Events stream API: for one model, for all
  • Expose Async API
  • Emit events stored