Logstash UDP Appender for log4js-node

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Log4JS - Logstash UDP appender

This is an optional appender for log4js-node.

npm install @log4js-node/logstashudp

The logstashUDP appender supports sending log events to a Logstash server. It uses the node.js core UDP support, and so requires no extra dependencies. Remember to call log4js.shutdown in your application if you want the UDP socket closed cleanly.


  • type - @log4js-node/logstashudp
  • host - string - hostname (or IP-address) of the logstash server
  • port - integer - port of the logstash server
  • layout - (optional, defaults to dummyLayout) - used for the message field of the logstash data (see layouts)


default config

  appenders: {
    logstash: {
      type: '@log4js-node/logstashudp',
      host: 'log.server',
      port: 12345
  categories: {
    default: { appenders: ['logstash'], level: 'info' }
const logger = log4js.getLogger();
logger.info({ cheese: 'gouda', biscuits: 'hobnob' });

This will result in a JSON message being sent to log.server:12345 over UDP, with the following format:

  'biscuits': 'hobnob',
  'cheese': 'gouda'