Shared components

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<script type="module">
  import glitchdotcomSharedComponents from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@glitchdotcom/shared-components';



This is a library of React components used on Glitch's community site and editor.


npm install @glitchdotcom/shared-components

This package has a peer dependency on React 16.8+ ("the one with hooks"); it also includes dependencies on prop-types and styled-components.


For documentation of available components, see shared-components.glitch.me.

Browser support

This works as-is in evergreen browsers, but it uses features which may require polyfills, transpilation, or other fallbacks:

  • css custom properties (aka "css variables")
  • ES2018 features (e.g. async/await, object spread)
  • <details> and <dialog> HTML elements

In production applications

In production applications, you will likely want to use the following babel plugins:


For information on making changes to shared-components, refer to CONTRIBUTING.md