NodeJS SDK for Jabra Devices

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Jabra Node.js SDK

This is the monorepo for the new Jabra Node.js SDK (a native jabra SDK wrapper) and related helpers, demos and tests.

This new Jabra Node.js SDK is based on N-API and is thus Application Binary Interface (ABI) stable across versions of Node.js. It is also maintained as a core part of Node.js and known to work more easily with Electron (https://electronjs.org/) across versions.

For more information, refer to the individual README files in each project folder linked below or the common references at the bottom of this page.

Project contents

Common references

Versioning schme

This project adhere to semantic versioning so increases in majorVersion between releases indicate breaking changes so developers using the software may need to change their code when updating. Increases in minorVersion indicates that all changes are backwards compatible.

Bug reports

If you find any bug or have any suggestion then fill in the form at Jabra developer support site with below details:

  1. Bug description with steps to reproduce the issue.
  2. Console log after enabling debug mode for this module, see Debugging and Logging section for more.
  3. File logs, see Debugging and Logging section for more.


See github site for current contributors.

Original GN authors (from before source was released on github):

  • Morten Frederiksen
  • Steffen Klausen
  • Sudeep Kumar
  • Morten M. Christensen