Cordova plugin to save base64 data as a png image into the device

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:warning: DISCONTINUED - Cordova base64ToGallery Plugin

This plugin (based on devgeeks/Canvas2ImagePlugin) allows you to save base64 data as a png image into the device (iOS Photo Library, Android Gallery or WindowsPhone 8 Photo Album).

The plugin is a kind of fork of the solderzzc/Base64ImageSaverPlugin but with a cleaner history (a.k.a: no tags from Canvas2ImagePlugin repo) and a newer iOS implementation.


Plugin id - issue #1

In order to be more consistent with the cordova naming convention, since version 2.0 the repository name and the cordova plugin id have changed to cordova-base64-to-gallery.

Please uninstall the old version and reinstall the new one.

cordova-ios > 3.8.0 - issue #3

According to the documentation, NSData+Base64.h class was removed starting from version 4.0.0 of the cordova-ios platform (and it was already deprecated from version 3.8.0).

So, cordova-base64-to-gallery plugin from version 3.0.0 has changed the iOS implementation in order to support the changes in cordova-ios platform.

If you need to support cordova-ios < 3.8.0 please refer to cordova-base64-to-gallery@2.0.2. There is also an "old" branch that might have some updates in the future (Android/WP8 fixes or something like that).


Call the cordova.base64ToGallery() method with image's base64 string, success and error callbacks (options is optional):


cordova.base64ToGallery(data, [options, success, fail])

Param Type Default Description
data string base64 string
options object *see below options
success function console.log success callback (file path as parameter)
fail function console.error fail callback (error as parameter)

Available options *


Saved file name prefix.

Default: "img_"


On Android runs Media Scanner after file creation.

On iOS if true the file will be added to camera roll, otherwise will be saved to a library folder.

Default: true


function onDeviceReady() {

            prefix: 'img_',
            mediaScanner: true

        function(path) {

        function(err) {

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