takes @grafana/levitate output and streams it to BigQuery

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import grafanaLevitateBq from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@grafana/levitate-bq';


Levitate with BigQuery

This is a utility tooling for shipping levitate data into big query.


yarn install


Together with levitate

# Build the binary
yarn build

# Specify the google bigquery credentials file path via
export BQ_SA_KEY="<json-from-your-key-file>"
export BQ_PROJECT="<name-of-project>"

# Use levitate to get all imports for packages and send to big query
npx @grafana/levitate gobble [args] | node ./dist/index.js \
    -dataset gcom_plugins \
    -table grafana_import

Together with local example

# Build the binary
yarn build

# Pipe an already existing json file of package imports and send to big query
cat example.json | node ./dist/index.js \
    -dataset gcom_plugins \
    -table grafana_import