Convert HTML to GraphCMS's RichTextAST (slate)

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  import graphcmsHtmlToSlateAst from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@graphcms/html-to-slate-ast';



HTML to Slate AST converter for the GraphCMS's RichTextAST format.

⚠️ This converter outputs the custom flavour of Slate AST that is used at GraphCMS, and will most likely not produce an output compatible with your own Slate implementation. But feel free to fork it and adapt it to your needs.

⚡ Usage

1. Install

This package needs to have the packages slate and slate-hyperscript installed, and jsdom as well if you need to run the converter in nodejs.

# for node or isomorphic usage, jsdom is required
npm install jsdom

# required peer-dependancies
npm install slate@0.58.3 slate-hyperscript@0.58.3
npm install @graphcms/html-to-slate-ast

2. Convert your data

☝️ htmlToSlateAst returns a Promise

import { htmlToSlateAST } from '@graphcms/html-to-slate-ast';

const htmlString = '<div><p>test</p></div>'; // or import form a filr or database
const ast = await htmlToSlateAST(htmlString);

3. Use it in your Content API mutations

The output of this converstion is compatible with our RichTextAST GraphQL type and can be used to import content in your Rich Text fields.

Example mutation:

mutation newArticle($title: String!, $content: RichTextAST) {
  createArticle(data: { title: $title, content: $content }) {
    content {

See the docs about the Rich Text field type and Content Api mutations

📝 License

Licensed under the MIT License.

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