Greenlight Command Line Interface

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  import greenlightCli from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@greenlight/cli';


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Greenlight Command Line Interface


npm install --production --save @greenlight/cli


greenlight <command>

  greenlight filesystem [source]  run plugin analysis for "filesystem"
  greenlight git [source]         run plugin analysis for "git"

  --version    Show version number                                     [boolean]
  --config     path to greenlight config file
  --reporter   Use the specified output reporter                        [string]
                                     [choices: "text", "json", "html", "silent"]
                                                               [default: "text"]
  --soft-exit  do not exit(1) if issues are found                      [boolean]
  --help       Show help                                               [boolean]
greenlight /path/to/project

● audits/dummy found 0 issues
● audits/demo found 10 issues
● audits/eslint found 1 issues

● audits/demo issues: 10


79:43  major  Unexpected ronald with a shirty mosque         approval
38:3   minor  Unexpected hospital with a heedless report     network
14:64  major  Unexpected drawer with a pimpled appliance     spider
83:10  info   Unexpected kite with a trillion mother-in-law  bladder
29:51  minor  Unexpected digestion with a phocine secretary  hamburger
99:10  minor  Unexpected force with a waspy atom        dresser
24:24  info   Unexpected daffodil with a tussal step    town
31:40  minor  Unexpected daniel with a trustless cover  metal


33:34  critical  Unexpected toy with a silenced cream   rabbit
53:55  info      Unexpected wren with an hourlong sort  tsunami

● audits/eslint issues: 1


2:7  major  'settings' is assigned a value but never used.  no-unused-vars

License: ISC • Copyright: greenlight.ci • Github: @greenlight • Twitter: @greenlightCI