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  import gustavnikolajFindRelationsInJs from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@gustavnikolaj/find-relations-in-js';


find relations in javascript

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$ npm install @gustavnikolaj/find-relations-in-js

Using the acorn tokenizer it will enumerate files that have been referenced from esm import or commonjs require.

const findRelationsInJs = require("@gustavnikolaj/find-relations-in-js");

  import foo from './bar.js';
`); /* => [
    type: 'import',
    value: './bar.js',
    source: 'import foo from \'./bar.js\'',
    offset: { start: 3, end: 29 }
    type: 'require',
    value: './baz',
    source: 'require(\'./baz\')',
    offset: { start: 33, end: 57 }
] */