Provide a high level wrapper for kuromoji.js

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kuromojin Actions Status: test

Provide a high level wrapper for kuromoji.js.


  • Promise based API
  • Cache Layer
    • Fetch the dictionary at once
    • Return same tokens for same text


npm install kuromojin


Export two API.

  • getTokenizer() return Promise that is resolved with kuromoji.js's tokenizer instance.
  • kuromojin as default return Promise that is resolved with analyzed text.
import {tokenize, getTokenizer} from "kuromojin";

getTokenizer().then(tokenizer => {
    // kuromoji.js's `tokenizer` instance

tokenize(text).then(results => {
    [ {
        word_id: 509800,          // 辞書内での単語ID
        word_type: 'KNOWN',       // 単語タイプ(辞書に登録されている単語ならKNOWN, 未知語ならUNKNOWN)
        word_position: 1,         // 単語の開始位置
        surface_form: '黒文字',    // 表層形
        pos: '名詞',               // 品詞
        pos_detail_1: '一般',      // 品詞細分類1
        pos_detail_2: '*',        // 品詞細分類2
        pos_detail_3: '*',        // 品詞細分類3
        conjugated_type: '*',     // 活用型
        conjugated_form: '*',     // 活用形
        basic_form: '黒文字',      // 基本形
        reading: 'クロモジ',       // 読み
        pronunciation: 'クロモジ'  // 発音
      } ]

For browser/global options

If window.kuromojin.dicPath is defined, kuromojin use it as default dict path.

import {getTokenizer} from "kuromojin";
// Affect all module that are used kuromojin.
window.kuromojin = {
    dicPath: "https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/kuromoji@0.1.2/dict"
// this `getTokenizer` function use "https://kuromojin.netlify.com/dict" 
// === 
getTokenizer({dicPath: "https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/kuromoji@0.1.2/dict"})

:memo: Test dictionary URL

Note: backward compatibility for <= 1.1.0

kuromojin v1.1.0 export tokenize as default function.

kuromojin v2.0.0 remove the default function.

import kuromojin from "kuromojin";
// kuromojin === tokenize

Recommended: use import {tokenize} from "kuromojin" instead of it

import {tokenize} from "kuromojin";

Note: kuromoji version is pinned

kuromojin pin kuromoji's version.

It aim to dedupe kuromoji's dictionary. The dictionary is large and avoid to duplicated dictionary.


npm test


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