Smart contracts developed for the Hanzo Platform

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Smart contracts developed for the Hanzo Platform

This is a collection of Solidity contracts developed for the Hanzo Platform. Designed to meet a broad range of needs, our contracts play well with Truffle and provide a cutting edge framework for contract development.


$ npm install @hanzo/contracts


Import the contracts you want to use:

import "@hanzo/contracts/Owned.sol"
import "@hanzo/contracts/Versioned.sol"

contract Version is Owned {
    function version() public pure returns (string) {
        return "1.0.0";

    function boolean() public pure returns (bool) {
        return true;

contract Contract is Versioned {}

And interact with them as you would normally:

let Contract = artifacts.require('./Contract.sol')
let Version  = artifacts.require('./Version.sol')

contract('Contract', async () => {
  let contract, version, proxy = null

  before(async () => {
    contract = await Contract.deployed()
    version  = await Version.deployed()
    await contract.setVersion(version.address)

    // Use current version's ABI and provide simple interface to a versioned
    // smart contract.
    proxy = await Version.at(contract.address)

  it('should return result from proxied method', async () => {
    let v = await proxy.boolean.call()
    assert.equal(v, true, 'boolean() did not return expected boolean')

You can find more examples of our contracts in use in our test suite.

About Hanzo

Hanzo enables businesses to launch and operate blockchain networks, develop decentralized applications and deliver compelling experiences.