The official snapshot plugin for Harlem

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Harlem Snapshot Plugin


This is the official Harlem plugin for taking state snapshots and applying them when convenient.

Getting started

Before installing the snapshot plugin make sure you have installed @harlem/core.

  1. Install @harlem/plugin-snapshot:
npm install @harlem/plugin-snapshot

Or if you're using Yarn:

yarn add @harlem/plugin-snapshot
  1. Create an instance of the plugin and register it with Harlem:
import App from './app.vue';

import harlem from '@harlem/core';
import createSnapshotPlugin from '@harlem/plugin-snapshot';

    .use(harlem, {
        plugins: [
  1. Call the snapshot method with the name of the store you wish to snapshot:
import {
} from '@harlem/plugin-snapshot';

export default function() {
    const snap = snapshot('my-store');

    // ...
  1. Apply the snapshot:
const snap = snapshot('my-store');

snap.apply(); // Apply the snapshot over the top of current state
snap.apply(true) // Replace state with the current snapshot