Download packages from releases.hashicorp.com

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  import hashicorpJsReleases from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@hashicorp/js-releases';



Download packages from releases.hashicorp.com

js-releases is a handy tool for downloading and verifying packages from releases.hashicorp.com. You can:

  • fetch metadata for a given release (or latest)
  • download the package
  • verify the SHASUM and signature
  • unpack to a specified directory


import { Release, getRelease } from '@hashicorp/js-releases';

// Setting a user agent string is optional but helpful!
const userAgent = `Example-Program/1.0.0 js-releases/dev`;

// Download metadata for a release using a semver range or "latest"
// "latest" is set by default if no range is included
const release = await getRelease("terraform-ls", "latest", userAgent);

// Include pre-releases in the semver range
const preRelease = await getRelease("terraform-ls", "^1.0.pre-0", userAgent, true);

// Select metadata for a build matching a given OS and arch
const build = release.getBuild(os, arch);

// Download the release to an install path
const installPath = "/hc_product/downloads"
await release.download(build.url, installPath, userAgent);

// Verify the release shasum and signature
await release.verify(installPath, build.filename);

// Unpack the release from the install path to a destination
const destination = "/usr/local/bin"
return release.unpack(installPath, destination)

Validating releases

Packages are verified using HashiCorp's public GPG key 72D7468F. The previous key was rotated and revoked per HCSEC-2021-12 on 4/22/21. As a result, earlier versions of js-releases will no longer be able to verify packages.


Mozilla Public License v2.0

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Experimental Status

By using the software in this repository (the "Software"), you acknowledge that: (1) the Software is still in development, may change, and has not been released as a commercial product by HashiCorp and is not currently supported in any way by HashiCorp; (2) the Software is provided on an "as-is" basis, and may include bugs, errors, or other issues; (3) the Software is NOT INTENDED FOR PRODUCTION USE, use of the Software may result in unexpected results, loss of data, or other unexpected results, and HashiCorp disclaims any and all liability resulting from use of the Software; and (4) HashiCorp reserves all rights to make all decisions about the features, functionality and commercial release (or non-release) of the Software, at any time and without any obligation or liability whatsoever.