Icons for HashiCorp Structure design system

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  import hashicorpStructureIcons from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@hashicorp/structure-icons';



Icons for the HashiCorp Structure design system.


npm i @hashicorp/structure-icons or yarn add @hashicorp/structure-icons depending on your flavor of package management.


The versions of this package are meant to track releases of Structure as closely as possible.

Usage in your application

Generally speaking, you install the package and then SVG files will be located at @hashicorp/structure-icons/dist/name-of-icon.svg. If you need a list of icons, one is available for import at @hashicorp/structure-icons/dist/index.js.


After installation, add the following to your ember-cli-build.js:

var app = new EmberApp({
  svgJar: {
    // Icons have already been optimized via SVGO,
    // so we don't need to optimize them again.
    optimize: false,

    paths: [
      // ... additional paths

Updating icons

For each release of Structure, we should update the icons in this library:

  1. Go to the Icon System page in Figma. Note: This link might be out of date, so check with someone in Design if you're not sure.
  2. Highlight all of the icons under the "Icons" and "Logos" headers to the right of the sticker sheet
  3. Use the right panel to export the icons in SVG format to the /src folder in this repo (if you delete any files from /src, be careful not to delete the "run" or "loading" SVG files or their CSS).
  4. Run npm run generate
  5. Review /dist/index.html to make sure your updates were added correctly
  6. Commit your changes and follow the "New releases" instructions below

New releases

To release a new version of @hashicorp/structure-icons you should:

  1. ensure the src folder contains all of the CSS and SVG files you want to publish
  2. bump version number in the package.json
  3. run npm publish - this will run the prepublishOnly hook which will re-generate all of the optimized SVGs from the src folder and copy them to a dist folder.
  4. commit & push changes