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  import helpscoutHsdsIllos from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@helpscout/hsds-illos';


HSDS: Illos

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Illustration for Help Scout's Design System


npm install @helpscout/hsds-illos --save


Any illos can be imported in a react project

import SpacePlanet from '@helpscout/hsds-illos/space-planet'

Then you can render the illo component

    return (
            <SpacePlanet />

Adding an Image

1 - Optimize the image by running it through https://jakearchibald.github.io/svgomg/

2 - Then add the image to the folder src/svgs

3 - Run npm run generate:illos

Getting Started

After cloning this repo down, run:

npm install

Once everything is installed, run:

npm start

Check out HSDS's Storybook at http://localhost:8900/ in your browser!


To publish and release a new version of HSDS, run the following command:

npm run release

You'll be presented with a CLI prompt with options. Pick the one you want, and that's it! The script will take care of the rest (from testing to publishing).