Google Cloud Storage driver for @slynova/flydrive

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flydrive is a framework-agnostic package which provides a powerful wrapper to manage file Storage in Node.js.

This package is the driver for Google Cloud Storage.

Getting Started

This package is available in the npm registry. It can easily be installed with npm or yarn.

$ npm i @slynova/flydrive-gcs
# or
$ yarn add @slynova/flydrive-gcs
const { GoogleCloudStorage } = require('@slynova/flydrive-gcs');
const { StorageManager } = require('@slynova/flydrive');
const storage = new StorageManager({
  // ...

  gcs: {
    driver: 'gcs',
    config: {
      keyFilename: process.env.GCS_KEYFILENAME,
      bucket: process.env.GCS_BUCKET,

storage.registerDriver('gcs', GoogleCloudStorage);