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HERE CLI is a Node.js command-line interface to work with HERE APIs starting with HERE Data Hub APIs. Right now, it allows you to interact with HERE Data Hub to create and manage your Spaces, and easily upload and manage your datasets.


HERE CLI is built on Node.js, a cross-platform efficient language to write even complex, local applications.

To use the HERE CLI, you should have npm installed. The best way is to go to nodejs.org and install the appropriate package for your system (both 8.x LTS and 10.x Current should work). If you need help with this have a look at our CLI Introduction Guide.

Installing the CLI

To install the HERE CLI use the following command. Depending on your system, you might need elevated permissions (like sudo) to install globally.

npm install -g @here/cli

If all goes well, you can check if the CLI is installed correctly by just runnning

here --help

Configure HERE CLI

As the HERE CLI works with HERE APIs in the cloud, you need to configure your developer identity. This only needs to be done once. Just run here configure to set the email and password. For detailed information on getting a Developer account have a look at our Getting Started Guide.

Supported Commands

The CLI currently support the following sub-commands:

- configure|c [verify|refresh]            setup configuration for authentication
- xyz|xs [list|create|upload]             work with Data Hub spaces
- studio [list|delete|show]               work with HERE Studio projects
- transform|tf [csv2geo|shp2geo|gpx2geo]  convert from csv/shapefile/gpx to geojson
- geocode|gc                              geocode feature
- help [command]                          display help for command


Building the CLI

To develop the CLI further and add new features, first clone this repository and install the npm dependencies.

git clone https://github.com/heremaps/here-cli.git
npm install

Normally as a user you would install the CLI with a -g switch globally so that it can be used outside of a package directory. To make development easier it makes more sense not to that globally as that requires elevated permissions.

You should test and debug the commands by running the respective .js file. We use npm commander to drive the command parsing and execution. To get a good understanding how it feels on the commandline use local linking to make the bin sources available as executable commands:

npm link

Finally to package and distribute a new release (which we would do, not you) we update and tag the version followed by

npm pack ...
npm deploy ...


We encourage contributions. For fixes and improvements it's helpful to have an issue to reference to. So please file them for us to provide focus. Also read the notes in CONTRIBUTING.md.

When you add a new sub-command (as bin/here-commandname.js) please make sure to also include the relevant documentation (as docs/commandname.md).

If the command is interacting with a HERE service, please include a links to the relevant service documenation at developer.here.com.


Copyright (C) 2018 - 2021 HERE Europe B.V.

This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details