Leaflet plugin for harp.gl maps

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A Leaflet plugin that adds harp.gl layer

This repository contains the code that can help you create a harp.gl layer inside Leaflet

"Hello world" example


Install harp-leaflet plugin


npm install @here/harp-leaflet


yarn install @here/harp-leaflet

to download and install harp-leaflet plugin package.

Add harp-leaflet to your Leaflet app


import { GeoCoordinates } from "@here/harp-geoutils";
import { APIFormat, OmvDataSource } from "@here/harp-omv-datasource";
import { HarpGL } from "harp-leaflet";
import * as L from "leaflet";

// 1. Initialize leaflet map
const map = L.map("map").setView([38.912753, -77.032194], 15);

// 2. (optional) Add Leaflet features you need
L.marker([38.912753, -77.032194])
    .bindPopup("Hello <b>Harp GL</b>!<br>Whoa, it works!")

// 3. Add harp.gl layer to leaflet map
const harpGL = new HarpGL().addTo(map);

// 4. Initialize and add harp.gl datasources
const geoJsonDataSource = new OmvDataSource({
    baseUrl: "https://xyz.api.here.com/tiles/osmbase/512/all",
    apiFormat: APIFormat.XYZMVT,
    styleSetName: "here_olp",
    maxZoomLevel: 17,
    authenticationCode: "YOUR_AUTH_CODE",
    concurrentDecoderScriptUrl: "./build/decoder.bundle.js"


// 5. Point your view to the right place
harpGL.mapView.lookAt(new GeoCoordinates(16, -4, 0), 6000000);


harp-leaflet comes with basic integration tests that run in browser. To run tests in developer envrionment execute yarn start-tests --open which will serve test app in your default browser.

To run tests in "CI-like" mode, you need to first build them and run, both are separate steps:

$ yarn build-tests
$ yarn test

By default yarn test uses karma configured to run tests in local headless Chrome using karma-chrome-launcher.


Copyright (C) 2019-2021 HERE Europe B.V.

See the LICENSE file in the root of this project for license details.