Datasource to render terrain data in quantized-mesh and terrarium formats with harp.gl

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harp.gl Terrain Datasource

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The harp.gl Terrain Datasource is a module of harp.gl to render terrain data encoded using Quantized Mesh or Mapzen Terrarium.

The image below contains terrain with partially overlaid wireframe.

Terrain with partially overlaid wireframe

About This Repository

This repository is organized in a yarn workspace.


In Node.js

The module is installable via yarn (or npm):

yarn add @here/harp-terrain-datasource
npm install @here/harp-terrain-datasource



  • Node.js - Please see nodejs.org for installation instructions
  • Yarn - Please see yarnpkg.com for installation instructions.

Download dependencies


yarn install

to download and install all required packages and set up the yarn workspace.

Example Application

The ./example folder contains source code of the demo application of harp.gl with Terrain Datasource. See example's README.

If you want to learn more about the applications you can create, please check the Getting Started Guide.

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Copyright © 2017-2019 HERE Europe B.V.

See the LICENSE file in the root of this project for license details about using harp-terrain-datasource.

For other use cases not listed in the license terms, please contact us.