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  import hhimanshuTsReactComponentsLib from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@hhimanshu/ts-react-components-lib';


TypeScript React Component Library

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This library is published on npm and demonstrates how to write your own React components in TypeScript and publish them as npm package.



  • yarn install to install the necessary dependencies
  • yarn start to start developing your components
  • yarn test to test your components
  • yarn lint to lint your code
  • yarn lint --fix to fix linting issues in your code
  • yarn prepare to create the production bundle
  • yarn storybook to start storybook in development mode (starts as a new process)
  • yarn build-storybook to create production version of storybook for the project. This can be deployment to platforms such as Vercel, Gatsby, Surge, or Firebase hosting
  • yarn size tells you size of your library for the production bundle