webhint parser needed to analyze HTML files

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<script type="module">
  import hintParserHtml from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@hint/parser-html';


HTML (@hint/parser-html)

The HTML parser is built on top of jsdom so hints can analyze HTML files.

Note: This parser is currently only needed if using the local connector. Other connectors provide their own DOM to generate events instead.

This package is installed automatically by webhint:

npm install hint --save-dev

To use it, activate it via the .hintrc configuration file:

    "connector": {...},
    "formatters": [...],
    "hints": {
    "parsers": ["html"],

Note: The recommended way of running webhint is as a devDependency of your project.

Events emitted

This parser emits the event parse::end::html of type HTMLParse which has the following information:

  • document: an HTMLDocument object containing the parsed document.
  • html: a string containing the raw HTML source code.
  • resource: the parsed resource.

And the event parse::start::html of type Event which has the following information:

  • resource: the resource that is going to be parsed.