utils for JSON

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  import hintUtilsJson from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@hint/utils-json';


JSON utils (@hint/utils-json)

Set of helpers to process JSON.


This package is installed automatically when adding webhint to your project so running the following is enough:

npm install hint --save-dev


  • finalConfig: Calculate the final configuration taking into account the extend property.
  • parseJSON: Parse a json string.
  • loadJSONFile: Loads a JSON a file.
  • JSONLocationOptions: Type representing the options for the location.
  • JSONLocationFunction: Type representing the options for the location function.
  • IJSONResult: Interface for a JSONResult.
  • ExtendableConfiguration: Type representing a extendable configuration.
  • IParsingError: Interface for an error parsing.
  • ISchemaValidationError: Interface for an error validating a json.
  • SchemaValidationResult: Type representing the result of a json validation.
  • GroupedError: Type representing a group of errors validating a json.
  • validate: Validate a json given a schema.