utils for strings

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  import hintUtilsString from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@hint/utils-string';


String utils (@hint/utils-string)

Set of helpers to process string.


This package is installed automatically when adding webhint to your project so running the following is enough:

npm install hint --save-dev


  • cutString: Cut a given string adding in the middle. variable available with the given options object.
  • mergeIgnoreIncludeArrays: Adds the items from includeArray into originalArray and removes the ones from ignoreArray.
  • normalizeIncludes: Return if normalized source string includes normalized included string.
  • normalizeStringByDelimiter: Normalize String and then replace characters with delimiter.
  • normalizeString: Remove whitespace from both ends of a string and lowercase it.
  • prettyPrintArray: Returns an array pretty printed.
  • toCamelCase: Convert '-' delimitered string to camel case name.
  • toLowerCaseArray: Lower cases all the items of list.
  • toLowerCaseKeys: Returns the same object but with all the properties lower cased.
  • toPascalCase: Convert '-' delimitered string to pascal case name.