A commitizen adapter for Jira smart commits

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  import hyperiaHyperiaCommitizer from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@hyperia/hyperia-commitizer';



A commitizen adapter for Jira smart commits.


Global Installation

For a quick global installation of the plugin, simply run the install.sh script present in this repo:

chmod +x install.sh  

Add this adapter

Install this adapter

npm i @hyperia/hyperia-commitizer  

Create .cz.json

 "path": "node_modules/@hyperia/hyperia-commitizer"


  • with pre-commit git cz
  • without pre-commit git cz -n

Program process

after run:

  1. run auto command: git add -A
  2. questions:
    • <list (type)>: Type of operation: ['task', 'bug', 'fix', 'update', 'merging', 'test', 'refactoring', 'experiment']
    • <list (from)>: Where did you come from?: ['develop', 'beta', 'rc-branch', 'master', 'other']
      • if (from == other): <input (fromManual)>: Name of the parent branch:
    • <input (workflow)>: Job description:
    • <list (pushing)>: Do you want to PUSH automatically? ['yes','no']
  3. create commit from question and actual branch name in format:
    <shortBranchName after '/' before second '-' >: <workflow> [<type> from <fromManual ?? from> ] (<actualBranchName>)  
  4. if (pushing == yes): run auto command: git push origin HEAD

shortBranchName example

  • if actualBranchName contains task/
    • actualBranchName: task/JIRA-5555 => shortBranchName: JIRA-5555
    • actualBranchName: task/JIRA-5555-1 => shortBranchName: JIRA-5555
  • if actualBranchName do not contains task/
    • actualBranchName: rc-branch => shortBranchName: rc-branch
    • actualBranchName: example-branch-name => shortBranchName: example-branch-name


  • actual branch: task/JIRA-5555-1
  • finnal commit: JIRA-5555: Job description... [task from dev] (task/JIRA-5555-1)