Helper library to implement schematics.

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  import ibmWchSdkSchematicsUtils from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@ibm-wch-sdk/schematics-utils';



Container project to bundle WCH data records and UI components as an npm module. Such a module can then be used as a dependency by single page application projects to populate a tenant with data.




This library is meant to be used in an Angular based application.

Use as a template

Use this project as a template for custom bundles.

  • Set this as an upstream project, so you can easily consume changes: git remote add upstream git@github.ibm.com:DX-Components/wch-components-bundle.git
  • Pull changes from upstream git pull upstream master

Deploy the application and WCH artifacts

The library bundles the WCH content types, layouts and layout mappings. Deploy these artifacts to WCH, e.g. by using the following command of the CLI:

ibm-wch-sdk-cli application push --data ./data/ --override --aggregated

The --aggregated flag makes sure to not only deploy the application data but also the bundled dependencies.

Note: In order to successfully execute the command make sure to meet me prerequisites mentioned in the documentation of the CLI.