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IcePanel Core

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This package provides all the core elements and base classes required to create the backend for IcePanel plugins.


First install the package into your project.

npm install @icepanel/core
yarn add @icepanel/core


You can then create and export classes for the following plugin types:

  • AppPlugin
  • EnginePlugin
  • NetworkPlugin
  • ToolPlugin
  • VolumePlugin

See the example below of a simple IcePanel app plugin.

import { AppPlugin, IAppPlugin } from '@icepanel/core'

export interface IMyAppStore {}

export default class MyApp extends AppPlugin<IMyAppStore>
  implements IAppPlugin<IMyAppStore> {

  async init() {
    await super.init()
    console.log('My app is starting up')

  async destroy() {
    console.log('My app is being destroyed')
    await super.destroy()