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  import icgcArgoEgoTokenUtils from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@icgc-argo/ego-token-utils';


Ego Token Utils

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This repo contains a library of utility functions written in Typescript interpret Ego JWT content in the Argo system.


  • install:

    npm i --save @icgc-argo/ego-token-utils
  • use:

      import TokenUtils from '@icgc-argo/ego-token-utils'
      TokenUtils.canReadProgram(egoJwt, "TEST-AU")

    Interactive documentation is available at: https://icgc-argo.github.io/ego-token-utils/


This project uses the following bootstrap setup: typescript-library-starter


  • npm i: install dependencies
  • npm run test:watch: to start developing with interactive live test
  • npm run build: to trigger build (for local testing only)
  • npm run commit: to commit changes. IMPORTANT as commits are analyzed for release
  • Once happy, submit a PR to the develop branch.
  • Releases happen automatically through Travis once merged to master

Further development notes can be found here