🔼 Provides a way to check if the given path is the root drive/directory. ⛔

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  import igorDvlprIsRootdir from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@igor.dvlpr/is-rootdir';



🔼 Provides a way to check if the given path is the root/drive directory. ⛔

Uses String manipulation techniques and it doesn't actually check if the path exists.

✨ Since version 2.0.0 is-rootdir is a hybrid module that supports both CommonJS (legacy) and ES modules, thanks to Modern Module.


Install it first by issuing,

npm i "@igor.dvlpr/is-rootdir"

Three functions are exposed,

  • isRootDirectory(path: string): boolean,
  • isRootDirectoryUnix(path: string): boolean,
  • isRootDirectoryWin(path: string): boolean.

isDirectoryRoot() internally uses isRootDirectoryUnix() and isRootDirectoryWin() functions while taking into accont the host OS and uses the appropriate function for it [OS], useful for cross-platform calls without having to worry about the path separators and related issues.

Use it as follows:

import { isRootDirectoryUnix, isRootDirectoryWin } from '@igor.dvlpr/is-rootdir'

// no examples and tests for isRootDirectory, read more above

console.log(isRootDirectoryUnix('')) // prints false

console.log(isRootDirectoryUnix('/')) // prints true

console.log(isRootDirectoryUnix('/////////')) // prints true - thanks to uPath, paths are normalized first 🤗

console.log(isRootDirectoryUnix('home')) // prints false

console.log(isRootDirectoryUnix('/home')) // prints false

console.log(isRootDirectoryUnix('/home/user')) // prints false

console.log(isRootDirectoryWin('')) // prints false

console.log(isRootDirectoryWin('D:')) // prints true

console.log(isRootDirectoryWin('D:\\\\\\\\\\')) // prints true - thanks to uPath, paths are normalized first 🤗

console.log(isRootDirectoryWin('D:\\')) // prints false

console.log(isRootDirectoryWin('D:\\Dev')) // prints false

console.log(isRootDirectoryWin('D:\\Dev\\Projects')) // prints false