Webpack plugin to run SVGR in directory watcher mode

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<script type="module">
  import intouchgWebpackSvgrPlugin from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@intouchg/webpack-svgr-plugin';



Webpack plugin to run SVGR for the Intouch Design System. Watches the directory for changes to rerun as necessary.

Getting Started

Initialize and pass the plugin to Webpack. The plugin will read the .idsconfig.json file in the project root. The plugin will use the "icons" property filepath.

// webpack.config.js
const IntouchSVGRPlugin = require('@intouchg/webpack-svgr-plugin')

// ...
webpackPlugins.push(new IntouchSVGRPlugin())

// .idsconfig.json
    "icons": "icons"

React Children

Generated React icon components will render the children prop as the first child inside the component, without replacing the other child elements. This is useful for passing elements such as title for accessibility:

        Intouch Logo Icon

Disabling Dynamic Properties

  • DISABLING: Turn off "dynamic property" replacement by adding a // svgr-disable-dynamic-props comment block to the source SVG file:
<!-- // svgr-disable-dynamic-props -->

Dynamic Properties

"Dynamic properties" are enabled by default. When enabled, the fill and stroke properties from the source SVG file are replaced by React component props as follows:

  • If the SVG file has exactly 1 unique value each for the fill and stroke properties, those values will be replaced with inherit in the generated component output

  • If the SVG file has exactly 2 or 3 unique values each for the fill and stroke properties, those values will be replaced with fill1 || 'inherit', fill2 || 'inherit', etc. and stroke1 || 'inherit' etc.

Note: Uniqueness of fill and stroke values are considered separately - so dynamic props will still be generated if your fill values are red, green, and blue while your stroke values are orange, purple, and pink (6 unique values in total).


The plugin constructor accepts a filepath to the .idsconfig.json file, an options object that's specific to this module, and a merge function to update any SVGR option:

new IntouchSVGRPlugin(
    { scss: true }, // module options
    (defaultSvgrOptions) => {
        const newSvgrOptions = defaultSvgrOptions

        // do stuff to manipulate newSvgrOptions here...

        return newSvgrOptions