IPLD multi-block path resolver (Data Model Only)

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  import ipldPathLevelOne from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@ipld/path-level-one';


IPLD Path Resolver

This library will resolve paths through links in a multi-block graph.

All functions take three arguments.

  • path - a string representing the target path: /one/two/three.
  • root - a CID or Block instance for the root node of the graph.
  • get - an async function that accepts a CID instance and returns a Block instance.

async resolve(path, root, get)

Returns the value of the target path.

async find(path, root, get)

Returns an object with the following properties:

  • value - the value from of the target path.
  • block - that block instance that contains the value.
  • path - the path to the value within the block.

blocks(path, root, get)

Returns and async iterator that yields Block instances for every block along the resolved path.