Components to set up selection forms with selector updates

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  import jadesrochersFormbuilder from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@jadesrochers/formbuilder';


Formbuilder; for selection forms with changing fields

The form library is aimed specifically at forms where changing one field
can change the options in the other fields.

Set up using the Form and Selector components -

RegSelectors will hold a static set of selections, while UpdateSelectors
fields can change based on the variables in other Selectors.

Each selector needs a dataget fcn/object to set the contents

This can be a function that retrieves data or just an array that specifies
what the options will be.
For UpdateSelectors it needs to be a fcn because the UpdateSelector will call
it anytime the specified other fields (changeon) change.
RegSelectors will just call it/use it once to populate the selector.

The form needs a submit fcn

The submit function will be passed the values stored in each selector, as well
as the submit event. I found the event hard to work with so it is just there
if anyone else prefers that format.

Also takes a defaultval

The argument is optional, but there is a good chance the Selector will not
pick the default value you want, since there are a lot of possible formats,
values and sorting preferences.

Selector variable sorting is alphabetical/numeric by default -

I just try and get it to do ascending order alpha/numeric sort as consistently
as possible.

Example setup

Two RegSelectors and and UpdateSelector that will update its values if either
of the others changes.

import { Form, RegSelector, UpdateSelector } from '@jadesrochers/formbuilder'
const Form = (props) => {
      submitFormFcn = {handleFormSubmit}
      <RegSelector dataget={getDataYears} varname='year' defaultval={props.year} />
      <RegSelector dataget={getDataMonths} varname='month' defaultval={props.month} />
      <UpdateSelector dataget={getDataVars} varname='varname' defaultval={props.varname} changeon={['year', 'month']}