A mock store for testing your redux async action creators and middleware

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A mock store for testing Redux async action creators and middleware. The mock store will create an array of dispatched actions which serve as an action log for tests.

This is a TypeScript fork of redux-mock-store.

Please note that this library is designed to test the action-related, not reducer-related logic (i.e., it does not update the Redux store). If you want a complex test combining actions and reducers together, take a look at other libraries (e.g., redux-actions-assertions). Refer to issue redux-mock-store#71 for more details.


npm install @jedmao/redux-mock-store --save-dev


yarn add @jedmao/redux-mock-store --dev


You will benefit from configuring a single mockStore for all of your tests. A common example would be to configure your store with a redux-thunk middleware.


import { configureMockStore } from '@jedmao/redux-mock-store'
import thunk from 'redux-thunk'

const middlewares = [thunk]

export default configureMockStore(middlewares)

Let's do the same thing in TypeScript and add an extra thunk argument.


import { configureMockStore } from '@jedmao/redux-mock-store'
import thunk, { ThunkDispatch } from 'redux-thunk'

// internal dependencies
import RootState from 'store/RootState'
import RootActions from 'actions'

const extraThunkArgument = { foo: 'bar' }
const middlewares = [thunk.withExtraArgument(extraThunkArgument)]

export default configureMockStore<
  ThunkDispatch<RootState, typeof extraThunkArgument, RootActions>

Synchronous actions

The mock store saves all the dispatched actions inside the store instance. You can get all the actions by calling store.getActions().

import { mockStore } from 'utils/test'

describe('todo actions', () => {
  let store: ReturnType<typeof mockStore>

  beforeEach(() => {
    store = mockStore(/* initial state */)

  it('dispatches ADD_TODO', () => {
    const action = { type: 'ADD_TODO' }



Asynchronous actions

it('asynchronously dispatches SUCCESS', async () => {
  const store = mockStore(/* initial state */)
  const success = { type: 'SUCCESS' }

  await store.dispatch(async dispatch => {


See the tests for more thorough examples.



Configure the mock store by applying middlewares.

  S = any,
  A extends Redux.Action = Redux.AnyAction,
  DispatchExts extends {} | void = void
  middlewares: Redux.Middleware[] = [],
): MockStoreCreator<S, A, DispatchExts>

Calling configureMockStore will return a MockStoreCreator, which returns an instance of the configured mock store. This MockStoreCreator is a function named mockStore.


Call this function to reset your store after every test.

function mockStore(
  getState: S | MockGetState<S> = {} as S,
): DispatchExts extends void
  ? MockStore<S, A>
  : MockStoreEnhanced<S, A, DispatchExts>

Mock Store API


Dispatches an action T through the mock store. The action will be stored in an array inside the instance and executed.

dispatch<T extends A>(action: T): T

If DispatchExts are provided, dispatch will support an additional signature.

  asyncAction: ThunkAction<R, S, E, A>,
): R


Returns the state S of the mock store.

getState(): S


Returns the actions A[] of the mock store.

getActions(): A[]


Clears the stored actions.

clearActions(): void


Subscribe a listener to the store.

  listener: (action: A) => void,
): Redux.Unsubscribe


Because a mock store does not have or support reducers, this function will always throw an error.

replaceReducer(nextReducer: Reducer<S, A>): never

Mock stores do not support reducers. Try supplying a function to getStore instead.


The @jedmao scoped version of this library is written in TypeScript and published with generated type information. No need to npm install additional @types. Additionally, a number of types and interfaces (below) have been exported for your convenience.


If you provide DistpatchExts then this type will return a MockStoreEnhanced, which supports async actions (e.g., thunks). Otherwise, it will just return a plain ol' MockStore for sync actions.

type MockStoreCreator<
  S = {},
  A extends Action = AnyAction,
  DispatchExts extends {} | void = void
> = (
  state?: S | MockGetState<Redux.DeepPartial<S>>,
) => DispatchExts extends void
  ? MockStore<S, A>
  : MockStoreEnhanced<S, A, DispatchExts>


This type is used in the MockStoreCreator via state?: S | MockGetState<S>, which allows you to either supply a single state object S or a function that would return S. Why a function? See redux-mock-store#102.

type MockGetState<S = {}> = (actions: AnyAction[]) => S


Enables async actions (e.g., thunks).

type MockStoreEnhanced<
  A extends Action = AnyAction,
  DispatchExts = {}
> = MockStore<Redux.DeepPartial<S>, A> & {
  dispatch: DispatchExts


interface MockStore<S = any, A extends Redux.Action = Redux.AnyAction>
  extends Redux.Store<Redux.DeepPartial<S>, A> {
  clearActions(): void
  getActions(): A[]
  subscribe(listener: (action: A) => void): Redux.Unsubscribe


The MIT License