Implementation of IHttpService using Angular HttpClient

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<script type="module">
  import kenticoKontentAngularHttpService from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@kentico/kontent-angular-http-service';


Angular Http service

This is an implementation of the IHttpService that can be used instead of the default http service available in Core package that uses axios package.

This library uses Angular's HttpClient to make http requests and can be used only in Angular applications.

Why and when should you use this library?

If you need to use server side rendering with prerender using Angular universal, you have to use Angular's built-in Http service because otherwise Angular will not wait until the requests are fetched from server and therefore your code would not be reflected in HTML of your page. You can find more information about the issue here


Snippet from angular's component:

  private readonly deliveryClient: IDeliveryClient;

  constructor(angularHttpService: AngularHttpService) {
    this.deliveryClient = new DeliveryClient({
      projectId: 'da5abe9f-fdad-4168-97cd-b3464be2ccb9',
      httpService: angularHttpService